Why We Exist

We exist to promote the need for employers to become engaged and determine whether their employee health insurance plan is optimized to take advantage of the latest in cost-cutting tools, resources, and expertise. We believe it is possible to improve the health outcomes of some of the sickest members while actually at the same time reducing costs, but this is not done by accepting past, traditional models. Employers large enough to self fund their health plan have a universe of options, vendors, new solutions, etc., to consider—some of which can be “game changers.”

We also exist to improve the status and resources of health plans, ASO providers, and TPAs to allow them through the use of highly specialized programs to control their claims costs, enhance the benefits for their clients, and provide added value to make working with them more attractive to brokers|consultants.

A vigorous debate exists nationally about healthcare in America; the question about how best to provide healthcare to employees is at a minimum a controversial subject. We hear the statements that America spends more than other countries for healthcare but gets less. Unfortunately, traditional health plans have shown that for several reasons they are ultimately not able to solve the problem of improving the value of the healthcare provided while simultaneously reducing costs. (If they could do so, they would have done it by now.)

This task is not easy, and there is no “one size fits all solution,” but we believe this team of experts can provide employers with the options they need and the expertise and wisdom to properly evaluate those options based on the specific needs of the employer. The result may be nothing like what you have seen before, the opportunities are coming that fast.